My Website Is Live - Where Are My Visitors?

We understand that when your web site is launched you expect it to be found immediately in search engines and that traffic will flow to your web site. As much as you hope that will happen it simply does not. Search engine optimization takes time, work and patience, and yes - work.

Search engine optimization has certainly changed in the 10 years we have been in business. We have experienced the changes, learned a great deal in the process, and keep up to date on what is going on. This area is extremely important for anyone who wants to succeed in an online business.

Increase Your Traffic & Ranking

We are web design and coding professionals and we consider a number of variables before we start a project. It is very important to make sure the web site layout is well crafted, visually appealing, easy-to-navigate, responsive, and represents YOU. But even that does not mean that your potential clients/customers will find you quickly. There are so many 'bits and pieces' to take into consideration in web site design. I invite you to read on.

What We Can Do For You!

Let's Start With The Basics - We Can Design:

  • A visually appealing web site keeping in mind best practices, such as CSS, W3C standards.
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), when used, can make pages "lighter" in weight which decreases the code-to-content ratio which can make your entire site easier to crawl and load.
  • Design your site to be responsive so that it works on all devices.
  • Create an HTML site or WordPress site. We also create and work with Joomla.
  • We can either work with you to create your content, or review your current content, keeping SEO in mind and search engine guidelines.

If you want to use images we will resample them to a small size so they are easier to load. Loading time is very important in search engine ranking. We can create custom images as well.

We Also Do Web Site Re-design & Optimization Review Of Current Sites

Yes we offer a review service. We will take an educated look at not only the design of your site, including structure, colours, layout, menu, style sheet, scripts, alt tags, title tags, etc., but we will also look 'under the hood' at your coding to see what the search engines will see. Trust me, I have seen sites that look great on top but when you go under the hood it is frightening!

Search Engine Guidelines

Our company strongly supports the principles of correct, and legitimate (white hat SEO) guidelines. This includes proper headings ( H1, H2, H3, etc.), strong content, alt tags, and proper meta tags (title, description, keywords and key phrases). No keyword stuffing so don't ask us.

Meta keywords tags aren't really used by search engines for ranking anymore. Some saw keywords should not be used at all while others say a few keywords to describe each page is still useful. Anything more than a few keywords is considered spamming by some search engines.

Yes there are guidelines that all search engines expect web masters to follow. Our company DOES follow these guidelines to ensure that your site will be presented properly to all major search engines so you will be indexed and ranked properly. These guidelines also include what web masters should do and not do (white hat/black hat). We continue to stay on top of these changing times. We will not do any optimizing that we feel could harm your web site or your business, even if we are asked to do so.


If you don't have Google Analytic on your site we add the code and track your stats. This includes, but not is limited to:

  • traffic
  • unique and returning visitors
  • entrance and exit pages
  • content drill down
  • time spent on site
  • bounce rate
  • From these stats we can look at the 'whys' and 'why nots' when it comes to visitor conversions.


Do you have Google Analytics set-up for your site but don't understand what they mean? We can either create monthly reports for you or train you how to read them. Contact me for more information.

We also recommend that Google Webmaster Tools be set up as well. This is used not only for tracking but ensuring there are no issues with indexing, 404's, etc.

Also as part of the SEO package we can create blogs, newsletters, offer advice on social networking, etc.

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Should you have any questions or concerns with our policies please contact us. I also invite you to visit our FAQ page for particular questions you may have.

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