About JBCR Virtual Solutions

Welcome! My name is Jan Carroll, owner of JBCR Virtual Solutions. Bill Rodgers is my partner in the company and also my husband.

I would like to tell you a bit about us.

Jan Carroll

During my school years I loved to draw designs of clothes I could visualize in my head. I had grand dreams of being a fashion designer, which lead me into the fashion industry for many years. I managed several stores before retiring from that field. I tried my hand in the film industry for awhile, did temp work and ended up at a job for over 10 years that was only supposed to last 6 months. It was there that I discovered my passion and decided to follow it.

I've been working on computers since the single disk drive. I have a programming background so originally taught myself html. My first major web site creation was done entirely on paper prior to entering the code to ensure it would work - it did. That site was done for an office at the University of British Columbia. Since then I have taken many courses and completed certificates to upgrade my skills and continue to do so. I have worked in this industry for more than 18 years with 6 of those years operating JBCR Virtual Solutions.

Two years after starting JBCR, with Bill working with me on the business when time allowed from square one, we decided it was time he hung up his 'work boots' and we work in this business together. We have never looked back.

I love what I do. I love working with Billy 7 days a week - we are a team. And I am excited every day to work on current and new projects, talk to clients, meet potential clients and see a finished project received with enthusiasm and joy.

Bill Rodgers

Struggling artists, musicians and actors often make a living doing any kind of work to get by until they are 'discovered'. And so it was with me. I fancied myself an 'Artist' but wasn't sure I could ever earn a liveable income at it. In my teens and early twenties I spent my school year summers working for a city parks board on landscaping development and maintenance crews. It seemed the logical thing for me would be to use the skills I learned there to keep 'bread on the table' until I became a famous artist. [I was sure it was just a matter of time.] So put my artist status temporarily on the back burner as a practical decision and started up my own landscape 'creation and care' business. Within two years, I had two trucks with crews on the go.

I bought my first PC computer in the mid-nineties as an accounting and invoicing tool for my landscape business. I remember being really excited bringing it home, setting it up and finally turning it on... I still laugh when I think back and recall my furious call to the computer store's tech department to complain 'this thing is empty, it doesn't do anything when I turn it on.' I hadn't grasped the idea of software and that I needed to install it on my PC to actually do something.

Well, I did manage to advance from there, and as you can guess, loved working on a computer. I did all my 'nuts and bolts' business work and then with more experience, moved on to doing all my landscape design projects using CAD type programs. Then I decided to design a company logo...

Friends had friends who needed logos and they asked me if I wanted to design theirs. Before long I was making more of a living designing as a graphics designer than as a landscaper. Next came web site design which fascinated me with its blend of artistic and programming skill requirements. I learned some programming and combined with my graphic skills, was able to build a website for myself. Then the folks I did logos for wanted web sites... And so on and so on...

Well it's turned out, I'm an artist again with the Internet as one of my canvases. There is a saying; 'do what you love and the money will follow'. Guess that's true in my case. The money followed at rather too safe a distance early on, but not any more and it is 'all about the art' anyway, isn't it? ;-)

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We are located in Burnaby, B.C. We work with local clients as well as international clients.

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