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Website Design, Graphic Design, Training, Coaching and Development Terms and Refund Policy

Agreement Form and Deposit Policy

We send clients an agreement form at the start of any project applicable to the type of project or relationship.

We require the signed agreement and a minimum of a $250 deposit, or 30%, depending on the scope of the project before we begin any work.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Completed Projects

We do not offer refunds on any type of completed projects. A completed project is to be defined as to a project a client has determined to be completed by making a final payment for all outstanding balances. Happily, we have never had a situation where a client has asked for a refund on a completed project. We do everything we can to attain the best possible outcome for all our clients.

Web Design Graphics Design and Development Projects Cancellation

If a website or graphics design project is cancelled before completion, the client is responsible for payment of hours of work we have done to that date. If a client's deposit does not cover the amount owing, they will be billed and payment is due upon receipt.

Deliverables remain our property and may not be used, even as a derivatives, until all outstanding balances are paid and cleared through our bank.

Upon payment of outstanding balances, the client may request deliverables up to 6 months from the date of their final payment. A service charge may apply in some situations. For example they require files be formatted onto a disc and shipped.

In the event of a charge back, rights to deliverables revert to us even if they are in the clients possession and they may not use them or derivatives of them, for any purpose.

Training, Consulting or Coaching Packages Cancellation:

If you need to cancel and request a refund due to circumstances out of your control (determined on a case-by-case basis) we may, at our discretion, provide you a refund for unused portions of a package. However we do charge a 30% of unused portions cancellation fee to cover our expenses.

This cancellation fee may be avoided if you opt for a service credit instead of a refund. In other words, your payment is transferable to any of our other services but must begin within 30 days or your service transfer date.

No refunds are available for completed consulting, coaching and training services. Unused, prepaid services may be eligible for a refund depending on the circumstances. Notice required for cessation of training services is 48 hours prior to any scheduled training session for it to be eligible for a refund consideration.

If you miss a session, without notice, you will be charged for the session. If you provide 24 hours notice we will reschedule within a 7 days without any penalty.


Should you have any questions or concerns with our policies please contact us. I also invite you to visit our FAQ page for particular questions you may have.

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