Online Product Development

We create many products for clients, such as:


Creating an ECourses is a great product to give your clients/customers, a great way to build your visibilty, build your list, and increase trust.

If you have an idea, article, etc., that you want to give to your clients or customers we can turn it into an ECourse for you.

"The absolute truth is Jan Carroll and Virtual Solutions has skyrocketed my business forward.  Jan takes my articles and puts them into compelling, interesting, flowing and content rich 11 day e-courses, 21 day e-courses. Jan has the ability to very quickly take a document, whether it is an article or even just my thoughts that are not in article format and turn them into an e-course that I am proud to sell on my website and offer to my most valued  customers and clients. 

Thank you Jan.  Without you I would not be  as successful in developing and delivering my products on schedule and according to my business plan." 

~ Jo Romano

Having A Hard Time Deciding On A Topic?

We can work with you to help you decide what topic would mesh with your business and be a good starting point for your 1st ECourse or your 200th ECourse! Click here to contact us.


Price It RightMany ebooks are set up to have a similar look and presentation to traditional books. It should not only look professionally designed but also be well organized and easily navigated through your table of contents and headings. Some aspects that we can work with you on are:

  • cover art
  • logo
  • page layout
  • borders
  • relevant images

To view graphic examples click here.

"You hit a home run with the graphics and layout you created for my e-book. They fit my message like a comfy old t-shirt. I wanted folks reading my book to feel just like they were at home with me and you created that atmosphere perfectly.

Thanks so much and I'll be back with new best seller for you to work on soon."

~ W.J.
San Diego, CA

Do you need help in your visual presentation of your ebook? Click here to contact us.

Audio/Video Programs

Do you have a audios or videos that have pilled up over time from courses you have presented and not sure what you can do with them? Well contact us and we will show you how you can turn them into viable, money-making programs.

Do you have an idea of a program you would like to build and offer it as an audio and/or video product? We can help you!


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