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One-on-one Wordpress Training

Wordpress, powerful, easy to use, search engine friendly and great looking...

Wordpress has become the small business and entrepreneur's number one choice for a self managed, CMS style website.

What is a Wordpress CMS?

If you know all about Wordpress and want to skip to the training details, click here!

CMS stands for 'content management system'. A content management system enables you to manage your website content online using a web browser with a 'WYSIWYG' visual editor, similar to what you use for creating an email.

Wordpress has been around for many years and has huge base of developers working on all aspects of it.

Why is this important to you?

  • It's mature, not some 'latest flavor' application that may end up defunct because it's core development community loses interest.
  • Easy to use. The best and easiest to use interface of any CMS.
  • Push button maintenance - Most aspects can be managed from your Wordpress admin - no need to learn FTP or hosting utilities.
  • Search engine friendly - helps you get your message out
  • Plugin add-ons for darn near anything you can think of. Need a image gallery? There's a plugin for that. Can't afford a newsletter service? There's are plugins for that. Contact forms, videos, products and shopping carts are just a few examples... There are thousands of plugins available
  • Easily manageable visual themes to give your site a great look.

That's just a few things that make Wordpress an attractive choice for the cost conscious small business or solopreneur.

Why hire us to train you?

There are loads of resources for learning just about anything online these days, Wordpress training included so why pay for training? The main benefits you will realize from hiring us for training are:

Fast Results. You will learn to master your site more rapidly and come away with a greater depth of understanding.

Personalized/tailored training. You learn at your own pace and interactively. You can stop us to ask questions and 'take the wheel' yourself to step through a task with us helping you.

Increased Retention. Instead of reading a resource or playing video over and over hoping to 'get it', you will have a task explained while visual supported by example and hands on practical application. Anything you don't understand is clarified on the spot. The result is your increased comprehension and retention. You understand what you are doing, instead of going through recalled steps without knowing exactly why. Understanding is half the battle in remembering.

Experienced instruction. It's one thing to be an expert at using a Wordpress website. It's another for them to be good at training someone. We are both. We have been using Wordpress since 2005. We have been building websites for clients and training them since Wordpress became a popular choice for building website (around 2008).

What if you don't know anything?

Whether you 'know enough to be dangerous' or not even enough to know where to start, doesn't matter. We can help you.

Even if you are an absolute beginner needing 'from scratch' training, we can take you further, faster.

If you know the basics but want to master more advanced content creation and administrative tasks , after several training sessions with us and you'll be managing your site with confidence.

How does the training take place?

We use Skype's free 'computer to computer' service. Skype enables us to connect to clients around the globe with no charges for the call. The other big advantage of Skype is we can share screens. We can show you on our screen and we can step you through a task on your screen.

How much does our training cost?

Our training rate is $75.00 per hour. Sessions are 1 hour. We require a minnimum commitment of 4 1-hour lessons. We offer discounts for bookings of 5 sessions or more. We require a minimum depostit of $250 deposit or 30% of the your sessions total cost. 

For additional support between lessons to answer questions and send you screenshots, we charge $60 per support email.


Skype as discussed above in 'How does the training take place', is required for training. If you subcribe to a service that allows computer to computer audio conversations and screen sharing, we may be able to use it instead of Skype but using a regular telephone will not give you optimal results.

A computer or laptop with at least a 15 inch screen. You can run a Wordpress from smaller devices but we don't feel you'll get the full 'bang for your buck' training on a small screen.

Headphones with a microphone. We use a Logitech USB headset with microphone for around $45 and it works great.

Time frame. We require the first training session within 2 weeks of hiring us. And subsequent sessions be no longer than 2 weeks apart.

The following are not required to begin training but you will need them to have a website. We can get you started with them as part of you training if you need help.

A registered domain name ( If you don't have a domain name, you can search for and register one at

Website hosting. You will need to have a hosting account to house your website. For our hosting we use and highly recommend Hostgator.

A premium Wordpress framework theme. Wordpress appearance is managed by using a visual theme or skin. You can get free ones but they are limited in both features and funtionality. We use and recommend Catalyst Theme because of it's extensive layout possibilities and features. Many more aspects of your site design are controlled from with in your site than with other themes. It is also very fast and secure.

For more information or to get started, email us today.

Now That Your Website Is Done Do You Want To Know How To Update It?

Not everyone can afford to have their web designer update their website, as designers we understand that. We also understand that there are times that you just want to make a couple of changes to your content or add a few bullets and frustration sets in because you have to ask your designer to do it.

Introducing Your Web Update Coach!

No I am not trying to 'train' away my career. There are, and will continue to be, business owners that simply do not have the time to keep their sites updated. We simply understand that there are also business owners who want to make changes themselves and just need the skills and tools to do so.

Items we will cover in your coaching sessions

This is not html training, though we may cover some basics in our sessions to ensure you understand how what you change makes coding differences.

Here are some basic items we will teach you how to change on your web site.

  • Add or edit text
  • Add bulleted or numbers lists
  • Add tables
  • Add font color or style
  • Align text
  • Add hypertext links
  • Add images (a graphics program may be required)
  • And more...

Because we build websites we know the dangers of updating when you don't know what you are doing. We also know how it important it is for you to know not only how to change something but what it means in the code that you don't see. These training sessions will cover only the basics so that you have the ability to make changes without 'blowing up' your template.

What Will I need To Get Started?

We will suggest an html editor that will allow you to connect to your site, download pages, make the changes and upload again.

All training will be one-on-one by phone.

We can also perform tasks for you that are simply out of your updating range if requested.

Contact us today today to arrange your coaching sessions.